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Biography in Brief

Jochen Stecher

Born in 1964

Native German speaker

Medical studies in Germany and Great Britain, two and a half years of clinical experience as a doctor in internal medicine; doctoral thesis

Stays in Great Britain (altogether two years, half a year in medical training): 1986 (Iona; Bury St. Edmunds); 1992 (Swansea; Coventry); 1994 (Coventry); 1998-1999 (Bury St. Edmunds)

Further qualification as Scientific Editor 1999-2000; five years of work as scientific editorial staff member in Berlin (German medical dictionaries; medical journal on drug therapy and safety; scientific handbook on regional planning)

Specialist responsibilities in pharmaceutical development in pharmacovigilance, medical coding and training design as well as teaching medical matters, medical English and MedDRA coding at Dr. Notghi Academy Berlin