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Thorough knowledge of English medical terminologies

  • through many years of studying original medical literature while writing my doctoral thesis and working as a medical journalist

  • six months of practical medical training in Great Britain (altogether, I spent two years in the U.K.)

  • Medical English courses at university

  • many years of working in cross-cultural settings and transatlantic groups of colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry using Engish as professional medical language

  • extensive experience in dealing with the English medical coding thesaurus MedDRA [“Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities“, owned by the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH)] and years of teaching experience in this field

Thorough knowledge of German medical terminologies

  • through editorial work on German medical dictionaries ("Pschyrembel – Klinisches Wörterbuch 259. Aufl.", "Pschyrembel – Therapeutisches Wörterbuch 2. Aufl.")

  • training as a physician in Germany and writing my doctoral thesis in German

  • two and a half years of clinical work as a physician in Germany

Many years of experience in professionally writing
German texts (as a native German speaker)

  • working as an editor of medical dicionaries (see above) and the renowned German medical journal “arznei-telegramm”

Many years of experience in researching new
(medical) information

  • working as a scientific editor and medical journalist
    (see above)